the project


Located in Cape York, Northern Queensland, Renewstable® Bamaga is a grid-friendly energy project designed to respond local energy needs towards an independent and clean energy matrix. Renewstable® Bamaga will supply electricity to 1500 people with competitive, clean, resilient and stable electricity.


Australia is a very large country with more than 1200 remote area communities and industries. On Cape York, due to grid connection issues and intermittency of renewable energy, all remote communities heavily rely on diesel to generate electricity.


Bamaga (Kalaw Lagaw Ya [ˈbamaga], Australian English /ˈbæməgə/) is a small town and locality about 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the northern tip of Cape York in the far north of Queensland. It is one of the northernmost settlements in continental Australia.

Bamaga has a population of approximately 1200 people, of whom 80% identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.


Today, the electricity in Cape York is mostly generated from diesel.

A 100% renewable energy vision can only become true with clean hybrid power plants delivering reliable and stable power to the local grid. They will progressively replace the existing baseload fossil fuel power plants, starting with the most expensive to run.


In conclusion, our primary goals are to:

​● Reduce carbon footprint of remote area generation,

● Reduce cost of production of energy.


In addition, we aim to:

● Increase energy security and resilience

● Stimulate the development of local communities.


For this project, HDF, CYP and Siemens are partnering to deliver unprecedented development opportunities for the Bamaga community.

About CYP

Cape York Partnership is an Indigenous organisation that has stood up to lead a comprehensive reform agenda for the empowerment and development of Cape York indigenous people. CYP strives to ensure that Indigenous rights and responsibility exist in proper balance, and Indigenous people are truly enabled to be the masters of their own destinies.

CYP believes economic engagement is central to individual and social wellbeing.

To that end, we partner with governments, corporates and philanthropists to encourage the emergence of a prosperous yet distinctly Indigenous people, whose children can orbit between communities and the Australian and global world and enjoy the best of both.

Our touchstone is our partnership with individuals, families and communities as they strive for lives of value, freedom and prosperity.

We believe in the potential of all people. We place our children’s rights to a better future at the forefront. Above all, Cape York Partnership takes, and expects from our partners, responsibility for leading positive change.

The guiding light of Cape York Partnership is the Cape York Agenda (Noel Pearson 2005), derived from the aspirations articulated by Cape York’s people.


rbA daily generation profile

The Renewstable® Bamaga power plant will provide to the grid baseload electricity, day and night, at


  • 2 MW during the day and evening from 8 am to 8 pm

  • 1,5 MW during the night from 8 pm to 8 am.


The electricity delivered by the Renewstable® Bamaga will be emission-free and competitive with diesel generators.